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Free Transportation for 4-Year-Olds: Safely Connecting Bright Futures!
4.2 stars | 10 reviews
4.2 stars | 10 reviews
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Kiddos Village Academy|16950 E Warren Ave, Detroit, MI 48224|(313) 473-8787

Who We Are

Our mission at Kiddos Village Academy is to provide attentive and compassionate care through age-specific childcare programs. By tailoring our activities to each group, we’re able to instill confidence, curiosity, and respect for others in your children.

What We Do

We carefully picked out the curriculum for our various programs to ensure it is both engaging and educational. Our scholars' programs focus on developing skills to prepare your child for future success in school and life. While in our care, they will experience fun activities that jumpstart their development into secure individuals.

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4.2 stars | 10 reviews
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